Life without a radiation!  


Radiation spectrum analyzer SCREENER was developed in Ukraine after the accident in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, to measure radioactivity of gamma emitting radionuclides in human body and to accomplish the express analysis during treatment of patients.


SCREENER was designed as a comfortable chair, with the detector inside. The detector is located in a right position to take emissions of gamma radionuclides from all parts of the body.


SCREENER has the unique opportunity to make SAFE diagnostics. The methods of modern prompt detection of radioactive sources are used.

SCREENER was awarded by Golden Medal in International Medical innovative technologies Forum in Brussels.



SCREENER is designed for the wide application. It unifies the modern measuring technology with automated digital analysis.

SCREENER ensures the following real time automated functions:

  1. Registration of gamma radiation, incorporated in human body for 3-5 minutes. It is done by means of microprocessor spectrometry detection block.
  2. Measurement of instrument spectrum and processing of the spectrometry information by the software-machine methods. The device indentifies radionuclides.
  3. Calculates the radiometric parameters of body radiation contamination taking into consideration personal anthropometric features of the patient.
  4. Evaluation of the effective annual dose of radiation exposure;
  5. Presenting of the results in printing  or on PC screen;
  6. Creation and storage of measuring date base.


  1. Detection of gamma emitting isotopes: I, Am, Cs, Co, Ru, Eu, K, with possibility to extent the range of researched radionuclides.
  2. Automatically ensures the necessary precision of individual radiation dose evaluation.
  3. Automatic adjustment to different background conditions.
  4. Helps to develop prevention methods of the post radiation effects
  5. Evaluate negative effects on population and give the proof for rehabilitation events among population
  6. Allows to evaluate efficiency of rehabilitation treatment.
  7. Evaluate correlation between radiation exposure and medical aftereffects on population
  8. Possibility to use the device in stationary option in hospital premises and with mobile hospital units (inside emergency cars).
  9. There is not necessary to have high qualified operator.

Technical data:

Detector type - scintillator

NaI (Tl), Ø120 x 80 mm

Range of registered energies of the registered radiation

 0,05-3,0 MeV

Minimal detectable activity 137Cs in human body  -  

  ≤        200 Bq

Range of incorporated radionuclide activity level

0,20-555 kBq

Types of registered radionuclides  -

Am, Cs, Co, Ru, K etc.

Range of energy dependance -

(0,06-1,5) MeV - 25%

Relative energy resolution on Сs-137 -

over 7,5 %

Maximum input statistical load -

under 104 c-1

Time of operation mode adjustment -

under 10 min

Efficiency of express measuring function  -

15 people/h

Time of uninterruptable operation -

24 h

Instability of characteristics -

below  2 %

Integral nonlinearity -

below  1,0 %


over  4000 h

Operation temperatures range -

from 10 °С to 35 °С

Relative humidity - 

below 75 %

AC power supply -

220 V, 50 ± 2 Hz

Measurements -

1400 x 800 x 1100 mm

Weight -

100 kg

Registration certificate of Ukrainian Health Ministry No: 6831/2007

SCREENER is enlisted into State register of measuring devices of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.


Set of supply:

  • Chair
  • Detector
  • Protection of the detector
  • Calibration tablet
  • Notebook
  • Package




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