Life without a radiation!  


FOOD LIGHT – high sensitivity measuring device designed for use in stationary and mobile conditions.


The advantage FOOD LIGHT - a combination of the most technologically advanced detectors and counters with the know-how of using the original software and algorithms for processing pulses.


This combination provides high sensitivity, remarkable speed and stability of the measurement results. 

We use electronic components from leading manufacturers - Hamamatsu, Intel, Altera - which are characterized by high reliability, ease of programming, high integration and low power consumption.

FOOD LIGHT has an original possibility of light indication of the measurement process. 


Technical solutions are implemented in this device, provide a lifetime of at least 10 years MTBF of at least 10,000 hours and make FOOD LIGHT leader among similar devices.


At the customer request list of identification of radionuclides can be changed.




FOOD LIGHT - FOOD LIGHT - a highly sensitive instrument for measuring radioactivity in:

  • water;
  • liquid, granular, dense foods;
  • soils and sediments;
  • building materials, wood and other raw materials.
Any adult person, carefully read the instructions for use, can work with the device.



In a measuring range up to 50 Bq LED is GREEN light, measuring range from 50 to 100 Bq – YELLOW light in the range after 100 Bq – RED light.Measurement ranges are adjusted by the user based on local legal requirements in the country of operation of a particular device.

Technical data:

In device used scintillation detectors based on crystals of CsI (Tl), the size of 63 x 63 mm. The device has a 50-mm lead shield, the products are placed in a vessel Marinelli, a volume of 1 liter. The volume of fluid - not less than a 1 liter, weight of dry, and solid may be less than 1 kg



Parameter Value Measurement time

Energy range

50 keV - 3.0 MeV


Maximum input load

46 000 pulses

per second

Specific measurable activity

1-5 Bq /kg(l) (137Cs+134Cs)

10 min

Identification of specific activity in water

10 Bq /kg(l) (137Cs+134Cs)

5 min

Identification of specific activity in food

50 and more Bq /kg ( 137Cs+134Cs)

3 min

Identifiable radionuclides 137Cs, 134Cs, 241Am, 60Co, 40K,228Th,226Ra, 110Ag  


From 220Vor 110V AC power supply





550x400x540 (h) mm



110 kg



12 V DC






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